{a life in food under the banner of faith}

About Abby Stolfo | Food Stylist

About Abby Stolfo.  Professional food stylist, recipe developer, and author and content creator for The Urban Domestic blog.  Gluten-free baking recipes and Sunday suppers.  Online food styling workshops and photography courses.

Hi!  I'm Abby.  

It's so nice to meet you.  Most notably I'm a follower of Jesus.  Yep...one of those.  I'm also a professional food stylist (www.abbystolfo.com) based in San Francisco, a former pastry cook, and creator of The Urban Domestic. I landed in the city a lot of years ago after business and culinary school to work in a kitchen and fell into freelance food styling soon after.  It's so much fun that it rarely feels like work and I come across some pretty amazing ingredients, recipes, and techniques as I'm roaming about the city from one photo shoot to the next. Whether it's for film or friends or for myself I quite literally live life from one meal to the next.  Not bad for a girl whose signature dish used to be anything so long as it was burnt.

The Urban Domestic

The Urban Domestic is a blog about living a small town life under the banner of faith in the big city of San Francisco.  It's an outlet and an incubator for all of the "one day" ideas, like combining my profession with a heart for teaching through online food styling workshops for fellow budding bloggers and aspiring stylists.  Recipes satisfy that inner pastry cook and give me something to wrap words around.  Sometimes posts are simply about how to cook a chicken but most often they're about much more.  It changes.  Often.  I hope you like it.  

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