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Career in Food Styling

WORKSHOP  2:  career in food styling

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If you’ve been considering a career in food styling but aren’t
sure where to start, this course was designed for you.  

In a niche industry like food styling, competition is fierce and second chances are rare but a good assistant is priceless. A modern-day apprenticeship is hands-down the best way to learn the trade and get connected. This course will get you on your feet fast and make you the invaluable right hand that every food stylist is looking for.  


Chock full of industry insight and actionable steps,
this course was created with you in mind if:

  • You’ve been thinking about a career in food styling but aren’t sure how to get started (I’ll tell you exactly how)
  • You’ve been thinking you have to start with culinary school (not necessarily)
  • You’ve been reaching out to food stylists and getting zero callbacks (Odds are you’re making one major mistake I see all the time)
  • You’re overwhelmed or not sure where to start with the business side of food styling (We’ll set you up in 24 hours)
  • You’re not sure what food styling is but you’re starting to explore it and think it could be fun/amazing/your dream job (You’re probably right but let’s make sure before you make the leap.)

We’ll talk in-depth about:

  • The characteristics (a baker’s dozen of them to be exact) of a top-notch food styling assistant
  • How to get connected to food stylists and book your first job.
  • What to expect and how to excel before, during, and after the shoot day.
  • How to run your food styling business from an administrative, financial, and marketing perspective
  • How to ultimately take your career from assisting to lead food styling.


It’s every detail I’d share with you if we could meet up for coffee and the course equivalent of coming to work with me for a day.  Plus you’ll get more printable resources than you can shake a rolling pin at including my perfect email template for reaching out to food stylists. 

An introduction to the commercial and editorial food styling industry and the food styling profession. How to get your start and make a living as a freelance assistant. What it is and is not, and where the career opportunities lie.

class 1

The ultimate in-depth job description! Thirteen characteristics of a top-notch food styling assistant and real examples of how to crush them.

class 2

Get connected to local stylists, craft the perfect email to garner responses, and book your first job.  

class 3

Now that you're hired, how to prepare for your first shoot. Learn everything that is expected day-of, "set-iquette", how to go above and beyond to leave a lasting impression and always get a call back.

Class 4

Step-by-step guide to setting up and running your freelance assistant food styling business. Managing the administrative, marketing, and financial sides of your business.  

class 5

Food styling how-to's and techniques for the most common assisting tasks, FAQ's on everything from background experience to the career transition process, plus insight on how to ultimately move from assisting to lead styling.


class 6


Hi!  My name is Abby.  I'm a freelance professional food stylist based in the beautiful epicurean city of San Francisco. I created these courses in response to the emails I get from aspiring stylists (just like I was) and fellow budding food bloggers (just like I am). To learn more about my food styling career and see a portfolio of my work, click here! To learn more about me as a person and this blog, click here for a longer bio and here for the blog posts.