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food styling for social media

food styling for social media





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food styling for social media is a live, online, 4-week intensive in food styling for photography. Enter your email address and join the styling forum now.  

It's a monthly delivery of food styling how-to's, videos, live food styling demos and open q&a plus practical food styling advice that will teach you to style food for your blog and Instagram pics like a pro.   Best. Opt-in. Ever.



~ Live food styling courses focused on cooking, plating, and composition + two video modules on manual mode and photo editing.

~ Live food styling demos & interactive Q&A.

~ Start to finish "case studies" food styling specific dishes.


online food styling course curriculum

Week 1
Saturday, 00|xx|18

Fundamentals of visual storytelling and how to use food and photography to create a consistent visual brand you love.  Industry tools for streamlining your process, planning your shot, and maximizing your shoot day. 

Week 2
Saturday, 00|xx|18

Approach natural light as a food stylist and capture it as a photographer.  Communicate your visual brand with the most impactful principles of composition and how to elevate your food with prop styling.

Week 3
Saturday, 00|xx|18

Introduction to food styling for the camera, your food styling kit, and how to plan original recipes for photography.  How to shop, source, and prep like a food stylist.  

Week 4
Saturday, 01|xx|18

Dive deep into the specifics on how to cook, plate, and style for the camera and approach any recipe from a food styling perspective with dish and ingredient specific styling tips, techniques, and tutorials.

video modules

Because we're devoting our time almost exclusively to food styling, some foundational information will be delivered in the form of video modules.  If you're a beginner, these videos are key pre and post-requisites.  If you're already a master of your camera you won't sit through unnecessary tutorials.  

video module 1


A crash course on operating your DSLR in manual mode + guidance on equipment to invest int:  cameras, lenses, and more.


video module 2


Establish a photo editing workflow. Then explore filters, adjustments, and apps to maximize (but not mask) your photos.




Hi.  My name is Abby.

I'm a professional food stylist based in the beautiful epicurean city of San Francisco. I started The Styling Forum (the part you can join in on right now) and this course, Food Styling for Social Media, to share what I've learned over the past 7 years as a food stylist. To learn more about me and see my professional portfolio, click below!


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Food styling how-to's, videos, and practical food styling advice that will teach you to style food for your blog and Instagram pics like a pro.   Best. Opt-in. Ever.