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How to start a career in food styling

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Launching in 3...2...

How to start a career in food styling is an online introduction to the world of professional food styling.

It's part in-depth training program, part career start-up guide, and tons of industry insight. and it's in the works!   
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What is the styling forum, you ask?  

The styling forum is an online community and ongoing opportunity to learn the art of food styling for the camera.  It's a once-monthly delivery of food styling how-to's, videos, live food styling demos, open q&a and practical food styling advice.  All helpful stuff if you're an aspiring stylist. 

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  The how to start a career in food styling curriculum, 
crafted just for you if:

  • You’ve been thinking about a career in food styling but aren’t sure how to break in and get started.  (I’ll show you exactly how with a checklist of actionable steps.)
  • You’ve been thinking you have to start with culinary school. (Not necessarily)
  • You’ve been reaching out to food stylists and getting zero callbacks. (Odds are you’re making one major mistake I see all the time.)
  • You’re overwhelmed with the business side of food styling.
    (We’ll set you up in 24 hours flat.)
  • You’ve heard about food styling and think it might be your dream job. 
    (You’re probably right but let’s make sure before you make the leap.)

Your Instructor

Hi.  My name is Abby.

I'm a professional food stylist based in the beautiful epicurean city of San Francisco. I started The Styling Forum (the part you can join in on right now) and this course, How to Start a Career in Food Styling, to share what I've learned over the past 7 years as a food stylist. To learn more about me and see my professional portfolio, click below!